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America Pampa Group

Good hands

We offer good hands to attract and combine talents and resources in order to transform the potential of nature into value.

Good hands   that are a platform for effectiveness and go for more

Good hands  to build trust and economic, social, human and natural capital.

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Our values


We say what we think, we do what we say. We always keep our word and contracts. We comply with the law and internal regulations.


We do our job a little better every day. We learn from best practices. We do the impossible to make customers satisfied. We make decisions and act based on processes.


We believe that people and their dignity are above hierarchies. First we listen, then we speak. We are tough on problems, flexible with people.


We are convinced that opinions are based on information. We are objective. We always look for the best practice.


More than a value, trust is the framework we have chosen to strengthen the links of our business network.

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Business' units


Food ingredients

We transform natural vegetable protein into a food ingredient


We accompany nature generating value

Agricultor agrónomo


We implement projects that link savings with the potential of the agro-industrial business

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Pellegrini 77, America, Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 02337-453139

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