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Food ingredients

We transform vegetable protein into a food ingredient

The mission of América Pampa Agroindustrial is, through its products, to bring this nutrient to all consumers in the world.​

We offer solvent-free products, ensuring quality from its cultivation, accompanying our customers with technical support and continuity of supply.

Products and services


Textured Soy Protein

It is a product that when hydrated acquires an elastic structure similar to meat. The product has two presentations available: Flake or Flake and Granular or Chopped. Soy texturing is used in the production of meat products; emulsions, hamburgers, sausages and other derivatives

Micronized soy flour

It is a powder product with high protein dispersibility.
It is used as a replacement and/or extender for dairy derivatives, in the preparation of various products combined with flour from other cereals. It is used as a replacement and/or extender for soy isolate and concentrate.


degummed soybean oil

It consists of the separation of various water-soluble compounds present in crude soybean oil.
Degummed soybean oil is not only used for refining for direct consumption, but also for the production of other mass consumption products, such as margarines and vegetable fats.

Soybean pellets

It is a product obtained through a soy protein pelleting process, using Textured Soy Protein and Micronized Soy Flour as ingredients. It is used in animal feed applications for dry mixes.




Food Safety System Certification 22000

TÜV Rheinland


HALAL Certificate

Islamic Center Argentina

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General Manager

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Production manager

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